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Catalog Number 1977.136
Description San Mateo Bicentennial Quilt, 1977. Machine pieced and hand-quilted cotton blanket shows a design of white squares with red sashing and a red outer border. A large blue-bordered square at center shows the Great Seal of the United States with an eagle, the phrase "e pluribus unum", and stars. "SAN MATEO" is hand-embroidered in gold thread at top in the blue border and "CALIFORNIA" is embroidered at bottom. To the left and right of the blue border is a white rectangle. The left-hand rectangle is hand-embroidered in gold with "1776" and "1976" appears to the right. Surrounding the emblem are white squares, each approx. 9.75" x 9.75" separated by red sashing. Copies of U. S. state seals, ranging between 3.5" to 4.5" in diameter, are hand-embroidered at the center of each white block. Background colors for state seals, if not white, are colored onto the fabric with paint or ink.
The quilting stitches are white on the red ground and red on the white ground. The white blocks are quilted just inside the outer edge and also around the state seals with diagonal stitches leading from the seal to the corners. The sashing surrounding the white quilt blocks are quilted with a pattern of three parallel lines, each 1" apart, and a star at the corners of each white block. The outer red border is quilted with four parallel lines, also 1" apart. There is a circle of embroidery around the center emblem with quilted lines radiating out from the circle. The blue border has vertical quilting 1" apart on the right and left sides with quilted stars at the corners. The white side panels with embroidered years have 9 rows of vertical quilting 0.5" apart.
The backing is blue cotton matching the large blue border on the front, and the binding is red. In the back center of the quilt, "The Neighbors" is hand-embroidered in white with individual quilter names surrounding it. The names, clockwise from top right, include: Patricia Ciolino Chandler, Leilani Fladger Hall, Annie Mille Troyan, Alexander Mendes Cooley, Jacquelin Holman Hall, Trudi Schwiner Chambers, Ila McCaslin Beauchemin, Sue Hagemann Martling, Helen Kurth Swanson, and Beverly Wegner Bertucci. A muslin sleeve for hanging is sewn across the top edge on the back side.
Object Name Quilt, Bed
Collection 3D - Bedding
Title San Mateo Bicentennial Quilt, 1977
Date 1977
Creator The Neighbors Sewing Club
Role Quiltmaker
Inscription Text "1776 / SAN MATEO / EPLURIBUS UNUM / CALIFORNIA / 1976" (machine and hand embroidered around hand embroidered eagle in center of top); "The Neighbors" (hand-embroidered in white thread at center on back of quilt); "Patricia Ciolino Chandler / Leilani Fladger Hall / Annie Mille Troyan / Alexander Mendes Cooley / Jacquelin Holman Hall / Trudi Schwiner Chambers / Ila McCaslin Beauchemin / Sue Hagemann Martling / Helen Kurth Swanson / Beverly Wegner Bertucci" (hand-embroidered clockwise around "The Neighbors" starting top right)
Provenance This quilt is the bicentennial project of "The Neighbors" sewing club. Ten ladies, all of Lake Street, San Mateo, collaborated in its creation, using the city's libraries for reference. The ladies' names, along with their maiden names, are embroidered on the reverse side of the quilt. They are: Ila Beauchemin, Alexandra Cooley, Patricia Chandler, Beverly Bertucci, Jacquelin Hall, Sue Martling, Leilani Hall, Annie Troyan, Trudi Chambers and Helene Swanson.
Dimensions H-108 W-96 D-0.25 inches
Medium Textile
Search Terms Bertucci, Beverley Wegner
Bicentennials - American Revolution
Brauchemin, Ila McCaslin
Chambers, Trudi Schurner
Chandler, Patricia Cialino
Cooley, Alexandra Mendes
Hall, Carroll D.
Hall, Jaquelin Holeman
Hall, Leilani Fladger
Household Decor
Household Linens
Martling, Sue Hagemann
Swanson, Helene Kurth
The Adobe
The Neighbors Sewing Club
Subjects Bedspreads
People Chandler, Patricia Cialino
Bertucci, Beverly Wagner
Swanson, Helene Kurth
Hall, Leilani Fladger
Martling, Sue Hagemann
Brauchemin, Ila McCaslin
Troyan, Annie Miller
Cooley, Alexandra Mendes
Chambers, Trudi Schurner
Hall, Jacquelin Holeman