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Catalog Number 2016.015.002.43
Description Raychem PolyStrip Wire Stripper Kit, c. 1960s-1970s. This is a Raychem Corporation PolyStrip wire stripper device in its original cardboard box with two cartridges of replacement blades. (A) The PolyStrip wire stripper has two gray metal levers that are joined at a fulcrum to create pincers with a set of "jaws" with blades at one end and spring loaded handles at the other. Squeezing the handles closes the blades around a piece of inserted wire. The handles are covered with insulating black plastic, and the blades are made from red colored polyarylene plastic. Clear adhesive labels with "Raychem" in white lettering are applied on the top side of the stripper near the blades and on the bottom side near the fulcrum. The two cartridges included in the kit are circular containers made from clear plastic that hold up to 10 red 1" x 0.25" blades in a radiating fashion. Cartridge (B) has 10 blades and cartridge (C) contains 6 blades. The wire stripper and the cartridges rest inside an insert in the cardboard box that inhibits them from sliding around. The tan cardboard box (D) has a flip top with tabs for securing the lid. The top of the lid shows a red and black graphic of the PolyStrip tool with "Raychem / PolyStrip (TM) / Wire Stripper" printed in red and black font at upper right. "PolyStrip (TM) Wire Stripper" is printed on all four sides of the box. "No. 959001" appears on the sides of the box, and additional text on the back reads, "Strips twisted pairs and ribbon cables / Can't nick or cut conductor / No adjustment for wire size or type."
Raychemer John Deus notes, "This stripper had specially formulated Raychem plastic stripper blades instead of the usual "gauge specific" steel blades in a standard stripper. The plastic blades were harder than the insulation on the wire but not as hard as the copper conductor in the wire. The blades would cut through the insulation, but they would not cut or scratch the copper conductor as the stripper pulled off a slug of insulation. This feature allowed the user of the Polystrip Wire Stripper to strip insulation off wires without having to align a specific wire gauge with a gauge specific slot located in conventional steel blade wire strippers."
Object Name Stripper, Wire
Collection 3D - Telecommunication Tools & Equipment
Title Raychem PolyStrip Wire Stripper Kit, c. 1960s-1970s
Date 1960s-1970s
Creator Raychem Corporation, Menlo Park
Role Manufacturer
Inscription Text "Raychem" (on two labels adhered to wire stripper); "G15742" (stamped into top of stripper near blades); "SES" (molded into the handle near the fulcrum)
Dimensions H-1.75 W-13 D-4.375 inches
Dimension Details Box: 1.75" x 13" x 4.375"
Search Terms Business and Industry
Communications Technology
Raychem Corporation
Subjects Cable industry
Telecommunications industry