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Catalog Number 2016.001.033A-B
Description Alan H. Bushell Raychem Badge with Holder, c. 1957-1999. Badge (A) is laminated paper. Lamination is a clear rectangle with rounded edges and a oval hole towards the top center. The paper is white with red and black print. The top of the paper is red with "Raychem" in white. On the left is a square color picture of Alan H. Bushell. Picture's background is red. Bushell's head, neck and part of shoulders can be seen. He is smiling and has brown hair and brown eyes. To the right of the picture the paper is white with black writing identifying Bushell. The lower right corner has Bushell's signature. Back of the paper card is white and blank. Badge holder (B) is black and clear plastic. The front is clear, rectangular plastic sheet with a half circle cutout at the top. Three of the edges seal to a piece of black rectangular plastic with rounded edges to form the pocket for the badge. The black plastic is textured on one side. Above the open end of the badge holder is a plastic arm. The arm is formed of two rectangles and folds behind the badge holder. The smaller rectangle houses a magnet which matches up to another rectangular magnet on the back of the badge holder.
Object Name Badge, Identification
Collection 3D - Personal Symbols
Title Alan H. Bushell Raychem Badge with Holder, c. 1957-1999
Date c. 1957-1999
Creator J.A.M. Plastics, Inc., Anaheim, CA
Role Manufacturer
Inscription Text "Raychem" (white on a red background at top of paper card); "ALAN H. BUSHELL / 08488" (printed in black to right of picture); "Alan H Bushell" (signed in black ink in lower right corner) "J.A.M. PLASTICS / FULLERTON, CALIF. / #501-T" (printed in white on back of badge holder arm).
Notes Alan H. Bushell "held strategic planning and product management positions with Raychem Corporation." Besides his work at Raychem, he was also the co-founder and president of a television technologhy company Diva Systems Corporation. Mr. Bushell has degrees in accounting, law and business from Harvard University.
[ 1/27/2016]

J.A.M Plastics, Inc. had produced ID badge holders and other custom vinyl products since 1956. J.A.M merged with the IDenticard Systems website and both are part of the Brady Corporation.
[ 1/27/2016]

"Raychem was founded on January 1, 1957. It grew rapidly by creating proprietary new products based on Radiation processing of polymers to meet critical and difficult industry needs for electrical circuit integrity in harsh environments. Included in these initial products were irradiated wire insulation and heat shrinkable tubing. Markets included Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Telecommunications and Electrical Power Generation markets.
"In 1968, Raychem acquired Chemelex leading Raychem to extend its radiation polymer processing technology to polymers filled with conductive carbon creating a family of "Self Limiting Heaters". This technology was further extended to produce resettable switches forming the enabling technology for the "Polyswitch" Division.
"As Raychem grew into a world class Material Science Company, additional technologies explored, developed and taken to market were Heat Recoverable Metals, Piezoelectric Materials (Elographics), Silicone Gels (Geltek) and Liquid Crystals (Taliq).
"Each year, Raychem devoted between 8 and 10 percent of sales into Research and Development resulting in thousands of new products based on the technologies listed above. Research and Product Development labaratories, in addition to Menlo Park and Redwood City were established in Swindon, UK, Kessel-Lo, Belgium, Ottobrunn, Germany, Pontois, France and Japan.
"Manning these laboratories were an extremely creative and talented group of scientists and engineers who found innovative ways to use technologies to create new products."
[ 12/31/2015]
Dimensions H-2.5 W-3.5 D-0.25 inches
Dimension Details Badge in holder
Search Terms Badge
Bushell, Alan H.
Menlo Park
Subjects Employees
Identification photographs
People Bushell, Alan H.